Read How Aakash Chandani Is Dedicating His Life to Popularise Tattooing at Regional Level
Bhopal Tattoo Festival (Photo Credits: File Image)

Aakash Chandani, The Tattooman from central India is an extremely dedicated tattoo artist. Self carved tattoos on his body tell the story of his struggle and love for the art. But this is not the sole example of his passion for his profession, this gentleman has the vision and mission to take the art of inking to new heights.

And as we say charity begins at home Aakash also decided to start Bhopal Tattoo Festival as a baby step to resurrect the tattoo art in his native state,Madhya Pradesh. The first Bhopal Tattoo festival was held in 2018, in the capital city ,Bhopal in Shahpura area, by single-handed efforts of Aakash. As many as 80 tattoo artist from entire country participated and 150 national level tattoo artist attended the event, The Winning prize, which was a tattoo machine was sponsored by King's Tattoo Supplies. The festival was a great success in its first year only.

Motivated by the success of the events, Aakash reorganized it in 2019 at a bigger level, and this year many sponsors came forward to support the event, Capital Mall Bhopal were the main sponsors of event, and it was judged by extremely renowned tattoo artists of our country, like Sunny Bhanushali, Mukesh Waghela,Rahul Gaikwad, Chirag Jhala and Vikas Malani. This time as many as 54 talented artists from various states of country participated in the event and the winner received the Cheyenne Tattoo machine, (sponsored by Tattoo Revolution India) by the hands of esteemed judges.

Aakash explains his vision, "This beautiful art has gained huge popularity in metro cities but at regional levels like in my own native state it is only limited to very low and premature level with the name "Godna", which means scribing, and done by untrained village artists as a traditional art Small time and newbies are struggling to get recognized as participating in big events includes huge cost which they are not able to afford, so they never get recognition. My aim is to popularise the art in such a way that not only trained newbies join the industry but the many of them who are brilliant at their art must get recognition and appreciation.”

He further adds, "In the coming year the event will be at par with the bigger tattoo festivals we will try to rope in internationally known artists to participate in the event and showcase their talent here in Bhopal,to toughen the level of competition."

With the level of popularity this Body Art event has gained in just 2 years he is certain that he is inching closer to the goals pertaining to this Tattoo festival.