Hot Sex Positions For Beginners: Never Had Sex Before? Easy First-Night Poses You Can Try
First-Night Sex Position For beginners (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

For many people, sex happens for the first time after they get married. Some like to "save themselves" for their SOS, while some just happen to have sex late in their lives. Regardless, it is important that you make your first-time sex (whether marriage is involved or not) into one of the most memorable moments of your life. However, for people having sex for the first time, the most important things to keep in mind is to look for easy sex positions to try. Let us help you with some of the easiest sex positions to try for people having sex for the first time. First-Time Sex Tips for Men: Guidelines for First Physical Relationship. 


One of the most classic sex position, you can easily try it for the first time. This sex position also comes really naturally to most people. According to this sex position, the male partner is above the female partner and the female partner is below. You can face each other and the man can try penetrating the woman by lifting the upper body part. Include Props Like Whipped Cream and Couple Sex Toys to Spice Up Your Sex Life.

Spooning position

You know how spooning works. Both the partners sleep in cuddle position facing in the same direction. However, the pelvic area of the male partner should be lower than that of the female partner. Now place one leg between the female partner's both legs and slowly have an intercourse from behind. Embrace your partner well, to keep the position firm while having sex.

Woman on Top Position

This sex position gives maximum control to the woman.  According  to this sex position, the male partner has to lie down comfortably on their bacjs while the female partner climbs over to ride. In a woman on top position, the intercourse is deeper, but if the woman must lean forward for better penetration.

Also, whichever position you choose, one important thing to keep in mind is that you talk about it beforehand and also focus on the reactions of your partner so that you know whether or not are they enjoying what you are doing. Moreover, your post-sex ritual matters a lot too. Make sure to comfort your partner after having sex, maybe indulge in cuddling or something.