We find many guys getting nervous before the first sex with their partner, as they remain concerned about their sexual performance on bed. The lack of confidence may hinder the potential physical relationship with your girlfriend or wife. Couples who do not derive pleasure from their sex, end up breaking up soon and also remain unhappy. It is essential that you arouse your girl the right way and make her feel happy and comfortable while having sex. Scroll down below to know about some first-time sex tips along with guidelines for first physical relationship. Include Props Like Whipped Cream and Couple Sex Toys to Spice Up Your Sex Life.

Guys must ensure that before entering into the bed with their partner, they are well neat, clean and are smelling good. Men should check whether they are breathing terrible breath or not; any foul order from the partner can spoil the mood which then leads to the situation of no sex. It is recommended to take a proper meal just a few hours before sex to perform well at the bed. Foods which increases the level of libido acid in our body is recommended to be taken on a daily basis, as it boosts our sexual performance.

Guidelines for first-time sex

1. Don't forget the condoms: It is always better to have safe sex with your partner, whenever you go out for a date, makes sure that you carry a condom with you, irrespective of whether sex is on the mind or not. I have seen most guys with a girlfriend adopting a good practice of always keeping a packet of condom in their bag. Use of condoms can prevent Sexual Transmitting diseases(STDs) and unwanted pregnancy.

2. Enjoy the moment: Remember that physical intimacy will strengthen up your relationship. The act of sex bring two souls together and increase the bonding between the couple. These moments should be enjoyed so that it can be cherished in future. Don't just get rough on this act and make it as a cruel punishment for your partner. Let your partner enjoy this act and be humorous too in this act which will make her smile and make the session cosier.

3. Give foreplay the time it deserves: Most women complain of not stretching the foreplay and rushing into the main action too soon. It is essential for guys to create the momentum before the intercourse, you can do that by starting with kissing, dry humping and off course by doing things that she loves the most. Going oral can actually help enhance your sex-game, moreover many women love fingering as well to be aroused. All this will help both of you prepare well for the actual penetrative sex.

4. Avoid hurting your partner: Guys should not become wild animals in the act and end up doing brutal acts like biting their partner and giving them pain. This will not please your partner, and she will not derive enjoyment from that. Of course, there is no problem in giving a hickey here and there as it is fun sometimes, but know where to draw a line. It is important to note that sexual act in pornographic films are not reality and it should not be imitated.

5. Communicate with her and ask what she wants: Most problems that couples face is that they don't discuss sexual intercourse before the main activity. It is important to first talk with your partner about her needs and what pleases her the most. Also, don't shy away from asking her how much is too much for her or what are things she doesn't like while getting steamy under the sheets. This can help improve your sex-life in a much better way.

In the end, it is essential to know that your practice will make you better, just like other thing sex is also an activity which gets better and better with your experience in this. Guys who are not having a girlfriend should not do over masturbation. Masturbation twice in a week is ideal, as over masturbation can reduce the sensitivity during actual sex. I hope you all will consider the guidelines mentioned above and perform in a better way next time when you get into the bed with your partner.

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