A considerable part of the Indian population lives in joint families. And it is needless to say that they do face privacy issues. Many people have even claimed that living in a joint family has hampered their sex life drastically. Some couples go weeks without getting any sex because they live in joint families. Having sex knowing that you and your family share the same walls can be haunting. Couples may face anxiety issues that may ruin their performance even before they begin foreplay. Many times there is just so much interruption and noise that throws your mood to toss. Worst case, they could hear you moaning and making noises, and we don't even tell you how an Indian family is going to react. But what can one do about it? While the best way would be to just find yourself some privacy outside your house, it isn't always practically possible. Sex Query of the Week: Sex Positions for Men With Big Penis and Tips to Have Pleasurable Intercourse.

However, if you have a separate room for yourself, you could modify your sex positions that are easy and silent. You will be spared from the creepy feeling of having people hear you have sex.

Modified Doggy Style: Try out doggy style on the floor than your bed to sabotage noises that you bed may make. Put a yoga mat to use and have great sex on the floor.

69 Pose: This pose is one for the most convenient of them all. Your bodies won't be moving much, and your mouth will be busy so you won't moan very loud.

Missionary pose: This simple pose won't require a lot of movement. However, you might want to put a pillow around your partner's head to stop it from banging on the end of the bed.

Lotus Pose: This sitting pose pretty much locks you, so you don't have to move a lot to have sex.

Tips For Having Great Sex In A Joint Family

Soundproofing Hack: You may get your room soundproofed professionally or may opt for DIY hacks of soundproofing your room. It is claimed that sticking thermocol sheets around the edges and creeks of your door and the wall that is attached to other rooms may help you soundproof your room easily.

Music: Play good music in your room while you are having sex so that the noises you drown by the sound. Choose songs that will get you in mood and help fade the moaning at the same time.

Timing: Manage your schedules in a way so that you avoid more people. Like you can have sex early in the morning or late at night when most people are sleeping.

Place: If you are not comfortable having sex in your room, go to washrooms together and have some shower sex or maybe the storeroom.

But before all of this, talk to each other about the problem and work towards it as a team. And eventually, you might want to confront your parents and tell them about your problems.

(This article has been written for an informative purpose and should not be substituted for medical advice. Kindly consult your doctor before trying any tips.)

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