Sean Borg Prepares to Meet Netflix India and Laughs Off Fashion Choice Criticisms From Fans
Sean Borg (Photo Credits: File Image)

The entertainment Personality who recently revealed his struggles with aging, hit back at fashion snobs worldwide this week, that criticized his style choices after a new set of paparazzi pictures circulated on the Internet.

Sean Borg (Photo Credits: File Image)

The images show the lifestyle and travel expert looking casual wearing green camouflage cargo pants while walking his Japanese Chin dogs, Eli, and Olive in Hollywood. The look caused a massive debate on social media, suggesting he should dress more age-appropriate for a man in his fifties.

The swarm of negative comments now deleted from his twitter, Facebook, and Instagram news feeds, had created a stir, dividing fans, some of which thought his outfit was contrived, and he was trying to look like a teenager. Whereas others commented, the TV star looked modern and trendy for a man of 52-years-old.

One said: #hatethosepants — I don't like those pants on you, you look a little silly in them; you look suaver in a suit!!! #Bigfashionfauxpas

Another wrote: Sean, do not listen to them; you look fantastic for 52. I wish I could dress like that and get away with it!!!! You look cool! #Lovingyourlook!!!!

Borg, who appeared on hugely successful FOX TV news show — TMZ, in America, laughed off the remarks, saying: "At least I can pull this look off, not everyone my age can!"

The brand ambassador, who is becoming a well-known face in India, said he was 'feeling better than ever' with life, and loved his fashion choices. He said he didn't care what people thought, and couldn’t understand why the look attracted so much attention.

"I didn't understand why people hated this look so much, I loved it," Sean said.

He continued: "I think you can still get away with wearing, say, camouflage pants in your fifties and look good…with the right approach, this is."

Sean puts his youthful image down to regular gym sessions, low alcohol intake, and frequent trips to the beauty spa.

His newfound "fountain of youth" is The Salt Facial™. He told №1 Australian magazine website Best in Au: "The salt facial is excellent for resurfacing the skin."

He said: "I have to say, everyone has noticed the difference."

The Trivago guy is also planning a trip Bollywood in early 2020. TV chiefs at Netflix in Mumbai have invited the British media figure — based in Los Angeles, for meetings to consider fronting a new travel show for international markets.

A spokesperson for the television presenter said: "Sean has a love for India like no other country in the world, its people have embraced his work, and he is excited to visit early next year for meetings. He is thrilled to have this opportunity."