Q: Hi my question is quite straightforward. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend a couple of days ago. I was told that a couple of days before my periods is a “safe” time to have sex. So we didn’t use any protection in bed. And he ejaculated inside me. Cut to a few days later, my periods were late and I was worried that I am pregnant. But a pregnancy stick cleared my worries for me and I was in the clear. I wanted to know how much time it takes for a sperm to fertilise an egg. In other words, how much time after sex does pregnancy happen? It’s for my own knowledge.

Ans: The process of pregnancy can happen within the first few minutes of unprotected sex. But by the time you realise you are pregnant, some time may have elapsed. Just a few minutes to five days after the man ejaculates inside you, conception may happen. But it may take five to ten more days for the fertilized egg to implant against the uterine walls. So in short, the signs of pregnancy may take a week to show up. However, some women don’t realise they are pregnant weeks after intercourse. Is Threesome a Good Idea? How To Be Open-Minded to Explore This Sexual Ecstasy.

According to research, the sperm cell takes anywhere between two and ten minutes to reach the egg. It can also stay inside the female body for five days, after which conception can take place. So even if you had sex during your “safe” period, pregnancy depends on WHEN the sperm cell fertilizes the egg. Sex Query of the Week: HELP! I Lose My Erection Before Sex But Not While Watching Porn and Masturbating.

Pregnancy can be frightening especially if you are unmarried or are not prepared to have a child. So to avoid it, please use protection, in the form of condoms or pills. You don’t want to go through the hassles of an abortion either. To answer your question, you

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