Bob Marley once said, “My Music would go on forever”, and true to his words it sure is. Original music has the power of make music creations exist till the end of time and that is exactly what Shayan Ess is doing with his music. Shayan Ess is an aspiring musician who is all set to release his brand new album for the Persian music industry and there are somethings that you need to know about this artist, spoiler alert, this might make you an ardent fan. 

A little about Shayan Ess:

Shayan Ess is a trap-soul music artist who is known in the Persian music industry for his unique music creations. He has always been known for his knack to bring in his unique twist and style into every creation of his and that is exactly what his fans love about him and his music.

When asked how it was possible to garner so much attention to the music he creates, Shayan says that if you are able to blend in originality with your own touch of unique style of creation, the end result is absolutely magical. Shayan’s fans love him like there is no tomorrow and what Shayan said, just makes sense.

Shayan’s Music career:

With more than 4 years of experience playing the piano professionally Shayan started his career as a songwriter, producer and composer in 2019 and from there it has been a magical journey of creating unique and authentic music for the artist. Shayan is a magnetic individual, not only in terms of creating his own music but also in terms of his mindset and attitude.

With many artists in the same industry who rely on repurposing already produced music, he says that it is important to stay consistent in producing unique pieces of music. He says that if your creation is not unique, it is highly likely that it will die out with time but if it is the other way around, it is sure to stick around till the end of time.

Shayan’s achievement in the Music Industry:

Shayan has been in the industry for more than three years now and all of his career, he has been giving consistent hits. For instance, his most recent single, “ Ta Soobh” has been creating reverberations in the Persian Music industry. The single was added to the biggest playlist of the Iranian music industry and has been ranking on the top ever since. The unique style of Shayan has attracted many collaborations with the top musicians in the Persian music community and when asked what was the reason why many musicians wanted to collaborate with him, he mentions that, “Your style and attitude matters a lot”.