As the world adapts to the new normal after COVID-19, many companies are starting to envision what workplaces will look like post-pandemic. Most offices shifted toward work-from-home setups during lockdowns, and some intend to keep some level of remote work even as workspaces re-open. However, the majority of companies prefer to keep a hybrid mix of both in-office and virtual work. One tool that helps bring more clarity to these uncharted hybrid territories is Tactic

The whole concept of an app like Tactic began in 2020. During its early days, the idea started with a few ideas shared via phone calls and a Google Doc labeled “operation yellow.” The end goal was simple: to help companies increase productivity by taking the best of the virtual work and office-based work environment. Today, work-from-home staff struggle with video conferencing fatigue and the lack of real camaraderie building. On the other side of the narrative, professionals in office-based settings suffer from wasted time on long commutes and added expenses from eating out and getting from place to place. 

Tactic solves this problem by seamlessly merging the best of work-from-home and in-office setups. The company behind the appTactic, Inc.has spent a tremendous amount of energy, time, and resources on market research to determine what makes for an optimal work atmosphere. The result is the perfect blend of office-based and home-based settings. 

The journey has not been easy for the team behind Tactic. “We started working on some wireframes and interviewing potential users over the summer,” shares company co-founders. “Based on those learnings, we started to dedicate a serious amount of time to design and development in the fall. Now with the new year, we're launching and starting to onboard customers.” 

The software platform provides people insight into office space availability and reservations, making it easier for managers to facilitate in-person collaboration and team-building activities. It provides analytics on office space capacity to help companies ensure that staff members maintain minimum health protocols. Setting up a corporate account and onboarding staff into Tactic is so simple and easy, companies can be online in just a few hours. This added value makes it easy for teams to embed the service into their day-to-day operations.

Also, Tactic helps company personnel get a better idea of what in-office attendance looks like and how to efficiently layout offices, conference rooms, and individual workspaces. The program also helps avoid overbooking and double booking facilities, making meeting scheduling and facilities management much more efficient in the process. Tactic also has deep integrations with some of today’s most popular office apps like Slack, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Google Calendar, to name a few.

After spending over eight months perfecting the product and taking consumer insights and feedback into consideration, Tactic is more than ready to hit the market and start serving small to large corporations. With more companies returning to offices in the next few months, a service like Tactic will be essential to transition people to more favorable hybrid setups smoothly. This uptrend will help lower a lot of necessary expenses like utilities and upkeep while drastically improving work productivity.