My Protein is one of the top sports nutrition brands since 2004. It is a number one brand in Europe and has consumers from more than 70 countries. In India, the brand is gaining popularity, and with Dr Ram Niranjan's name attached to it, one must expect success. Dr Ram is the brand ambassador of the sports nutrition brand since April 2021.

From 2014, Dr Ram Niranjan ventured into the field of Fitness & Nutrition. So being a brand ambassador of such a top brand makes him truly ecstatic. The doctor shares, "As a doctor in the field of fitness and nutrition, I am happy to be roped in to handle such a crucial responsibility. My Protein is known for its quality products that play a significant role in helping the sports personalities to lead a healthy life."

"My Protein is known for delivering various quality products including protein powder, vitamins and minerals, high-protein foods, snack alternatives, and performance clothing. Their products have the highest percentage of protein per scoop compared to any brand in the market," added Dr Ram Niranjan.

With My Protein, Dr Ram Niranjan will work extensively to promote the message of a healthy and safe life. He believes that everyone needs to focus on their body and take the best care of it. The doctor himself had two major surgeries in his life in the past few years. However, with proper treatment and medication, he is fine today and serving every day to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dr Ram says, "Proteins play a crucial role in building bones and body tissues. It also contributed a lot to the cell process of the body. A sportsperson has to work out extensively and build a strong muscle to be physically stronger. So my Protein should indeed be their best friend."