Bengaluru’s Newest Attraction: Dine 160 Feet Above at India’s First Fly Dining Restaurant; Watch Video
Fly Dining in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, October 16: Now you can enjoy dining while flying in the sky. Bengaluru city has come with India's first fly dining experience. The meal is served up 160 feet in the sky, there are 22 chairs, and the dining table is lifted by the crane. People while dining can experience an aerial view of Nagawara Lake and the beautiful surrounding.

Fly Dining is new to India, however, around 65 countries already have it. People with acrophobia can also experience it as it is fully secure with three safety belts. Children below 14 years of age and pregnant women are prohibited due to safety concern. This is no weight specification but a minimum of 4 feet 5-inch height is required. Special Menu: These Restaurants Are Serving Delicious Snacks to Enjoy Your Rainy Evening.

Watch video of Fly Dining:

CEO of Jumpking India, Neha Gupta, the company which launched Fly Dining while speaking to Bangalore Mirror said the plan for launching Fly Dining was made five years ago but work was executed three years ago. The deck is fully secure and rain is not a problem since the deck is fully covered.