Free Beer in Goa? Exchange Cigarette Butts, Bottle Caps, Straws to Get Free Alcohol at This Waste Bar Initiative
Waste Bar in Goa (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Say Goa and all you can possibly think of are the beaches and beer by the waves. The popular tourist destination has people constantly flocking there for the vibe of the place. But more tourism also means more pollution. The once serene, clean beaches are unfortunately seeing heaps of garbage and beer bottle waste. In order to get that under control, a wonderful initiative has been undertaken by an organisation called Tera Mera beach, along with beach management agency called Drishti Marine. They have created the concept of 'waste bar' wherein a person can exchange waste to get a free drink. Getting a free beer in Goa is an opportunity one longs to seize. Best Way to Travel From Mumbai to Goa: Road, Rail, Air & Sea – All Route Options With Pros and Cons to Reach the Beach Destination.

The alcohol in this union territory may be cheap but when you get it for free, it is all the more fun. This initiative kicked off on January 30 and the first waste bar was opened up at Zanzibar shack, located on Baga beach in North Goa. So what exactly do you have to exchange to get free beers? Plastic straws, cigarette butts and bottle caps can get you a bottle of beer or a cocktail. "The Waste Bar is a unique one-of-a-kind pop-up bar where trash is the only cash. Collect waste from the beach, exchange for drinks at the bar. Plastic straws, cigarette butts and bottle caps can be used as currency," Noreen Van Holstein, who conceptualized the campaign along with Drishti Marine, told IANS.

A 150-day cleanliness initiative was carried on successfully by the same organisation and they held a pop-up waste bar event to promote the idea further. From January 30, the event began at Baga beach. Goa Drinking Ban: ‘7-Day Jail Without Bail’ to Curb Drunken Driving Likely to Be Imposed in India’s Favorite Beach Destination.

View Pictures of The Waste Bar Initiative Started in Goa

This initiative will be carried on all the popular beaches in Goa eventually. Recently, the government had imposed a fine of Rs 2000 for drinking alcohol in public or on Goa's beaches. The objective of the Bill is to protect and preserve tourism potential of tourist places in Goa and keep them clean and free of a nuisance. It is indeed a lovely initiative and a win-win situation for both the tourists that come here and the authorities who are looking to regulate the waste management.