Travelling in monsoons is a different experience altogether, especially for those who have grown up in the concrete jungles of the city. The monsoons bring with them a pleasant change in the atmosphere. It is not just the weather but nature's beauty increases dripping into the rains. The lush greenery and flowing waterfalls, the lovely canopies and the cool winds, are all the elements to take a perfect getaway. There are a lot of places you could drive down to, to enjoy the rain showers and also the change in the atmosphere. You could choose from a relaxing weekend or a good treks to give you breathtaking views, there are many places you could head to during the monsoons.

Take a look at 10 monsoon getaways around Mumbai:

  1. Malshej Ghat:

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    Monsoon calls for some good road drives and if you are looking for one with great views then Malshej Ghat is your calling. This mountain pass has greenery on both sides and you will also get to see waterfalls along the way. It is a popular destination for monsoons. But the roads are also a bit dangerous so go with an extremely trusted driver on your trip here.

  2. Matheran: 

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    Matheran is a hill station located 2,625 feet above sea level, a good spot to go for the monsoons. The lush green environment and views of mountains all around, the place will give you all relaxation from your daily chaos. There are more than 20 viewing points which will give you wonderful peeks into nature, turning more beautiful during the monsoons.

  3. Bhimashankar: 

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    This may be a religious destination, but it is an experience to visit here during the monsoons. It is situatted at a height of 3250 feet from the sea level and the atmosphere here is amazing. Go here during the early rainy days because if it rains too heavy, the roads are very slippery and it is dificult to reach at the top. Adventure lovers, this place is your calling!

  4. Mulshi dam:

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    Located a couple of hours from Pune, Mulshi dam is a good picnic spot for a rainy weekend. Mulshi lies secluded and if there are good rains then you can enjoy the flowing dam water in full force, giving a spectacular feeling.

  5. Igatpuri:

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    Igatpuri is a hill station located in the Nashik district, about a three-hour ride from Mumbai. The temperatures here dip during the monsoon and one can experience a lot of waterfalls en route. You can go here for some adventurous treks or even to the Vipassana International Academy, a very famous attraction. Imagine the coolness in the weather and the surrounding greenery adding to the mystical element of your meditation.

  6. Thoseghar waterfalls:

    Thoseghar is a scenic spot near Satara which comes alive in the monsoons. The place adorns itself with series of waterfalls flowing down of about 200 metres. There is a calm lake and forest area around which guarantees a good spot for a perfect holiday.

  7. Tapola:

    Tapola is not a very common tourist spot, which just retains the beauty of this place. Located near Mahabaleshwar, it is known as Mini Kashmir. One can take a good camping trip here and enjoy on the banks of the Tapola river. This place has a rustic charm along with a beautiful landscape of the magnificent Shivsagar lake.

  8. Karnala:

    Karnala bird sanctuary is an exciting place to be for nature lovers and bird observers. You could go for a quick one day trip to Karnala and enjoy views of the Sahyadri range from the top. Not to forget the bird species you will get to see along the way.

  9. Lonavla-Khandala:

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    The list would be incomplete without including the two most popular places around the city in the month of monsoon. Just a 2 to 2.5-hour drive will take you to Khandala and a bit further to Lonavla, the places which turn into beautiful landscapes in whichever direction you look. You can enjoy hot Maggi noodles or corn bhutta amidst all the fog that surrounds on the viewpoints up there. The chilling weather deserves a visit at least during the rainy season.

  10. Mahabaleshwar:

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    If you are looking for a good 2-3 break then head to Mahabaleshwar. You can enjoy good views, boat rides and also waterfalls, the place has it all. Moreover, if you have a day or two extra you can also head to Panchgani, the twin hill station. The area gets a lot of rainfall making it even more beautiful to enjoy the season.

These are some of the tourist spots you could head out in this monsoon season. Depending on your choice of an adventure or a relaxing trip, you can choose any of the above destinations. Be careful about the amount of rainfall the area has received before you actually head out there. Have you planned on your monsoon trips already? Wish you all a very happy monsoon dripping and tripping!

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