The esthetics of the workplace has transformed significantly over time, pressing play on new and upcoming trends that not only beg for longer hours in office but access to more flexible meeting scenarios and has contributed in numerous ways to the development of the entrepreneur and employee productivity. The advancement of digital technology allows people to work from anywhere, including outside of their homes and the traditional office scenario.

The true revolution in coworking may have less to do with freelancers or startups and more to do with employees of huge corporations who work outside of traditional business hours and their businesses' walls. Coworking spaces have become the ideal choice for networking and meeting, allowing self-employed employees and business owners to better their working conditions and see clients in an environment that leverages their business relationships. 

Where there are multiple leading corporations adopting the co-working culture, Incudesk is surely one of the leaders known for offering affordable coworking spaces in the powerhouse of hospitality and vacationing; The Bahamas. The country welcomes a steady volume of inbound tourism of around 7.25 million foreign visitor arrivals annually with an ever so slight dip during Covid19 and a resurfacing seen in 2021 as the pandemic seemingly recedes. With this outpour of tourists flocking to “Paradise” during the summer and holiday months, Incudesk serves as an ideal office location for many businesses and the perfect meeting and business alternative during travels for the businessman and woman.

Incudesk is a privately owned company based in Nassau, The Bahamas and was founded by Miss. Ericka Wilson and Mr. William Bastian in 2017 with an aim to create a space that not only springboards entrepreneurship and small to mid sized businesses but too, facilitates an enriched working atmosphere at an affordable price point.

Incudesk, since its inception, has established itself as a pioneering workspace company known for its private and open work space scenarios that allow small business owners to thrive with all-inclusive pricing options. The space offers multiple inclusive amenities with added concierge services in its newest mega facility at Old Fort Bay, Nassau.

The services range from about $70 per month for basic membership to the highest ticket price being about $1,500.00 monthly. The idea of such a space where people can host meetings in a quiet professional environment without having to take care of the added essentials such as a boardrooms, and associated equipment including projectors, microphones, conference phone system (which is absolutely daunting), daily cleaning services, basic utilities, high speed internet, printing, the dailies, hot beverages, has all taken Incudesk to the pinnacle of its success.

The company has grown quickly from one to three locations within The Bahamas as of 2021 where it provides service to both small and high-end clientele. 

The space also facilitates 24-hour access and keyless automatic entry, front desk concierge services, inter facility private phone booths amongst other things. To top all that, Incudesk is also able to act as a physical address for its inter community businesses, now a postal address where business clients may forward their business mail via express or otherwise, packages, and other items. Also benefit from a locker facility where one can store their personal items and other important stuff when away. 

Incudesk was founded with the goal of cultivating success by creating an environment that encourages growth, global networking, and profound productivity. Abiding by its motive, the company has since offered its aesthetic appeal to numerous clients, who have all onboarded great business, expansions, and are proven success stories of the space.

The virtual office comes with a basic membership component that allows its client to access any of its 3 locations for meetings when they are in town. Now, how convenient is that! Since its inception, Incudesk has grown to become a leader in the provision of workspace solutions and has seen annual expansions since its opening date! Clearly, this rate of success is reflective of the quality services offered by the team at Incudesk that has left the clients coming for more. 

The fact that it is positioned in a major tourism hub distinguishes Incudesk. Tourists are the Bahamas' most important industry, which is fantastic for companies in the neighborhood. Incudesk, in the upcoming future, with hopes to become the leading provider of Workspaces within the region, expanding within other parts of the Caribbean, which by the looks of it is not far away!