55-Year-Old Woman Who Went on Romantic Holiday With Boyfriend, Returned With a Lesbian Lover
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A romantic trip with a partner is supposed to rekindle the romance or add more memories to one's relationship. But Sandra Newton and Pete, a couple who went holidaying in Egypt, it ended with a big twist. The woman found a lesbian lover in a bar and now the two are happily married! Sandra Newton, a 55-year-old lady met the love of her life in Sharon Hughes at a bar in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. While she sat there with Pete, her heart skipped a beat when she saw Hughes enter the bar. Although Sandra and Pete were together for over 18 years, they were never married. And last month, the two females got married in a dreamy Cinderella style wedding. Woman and Husband Fell in Love With Her Bridesmaid and Now Live Together, But There's NO SEX! Watch Video of This Polyamorous Triad.

"My perfect man turned out to be a woman," as Sandra described it to The Sun. The bond between the two women grew in the course of their holiday but they were still not sure about love. What's even more ironic is that Pete had met Sharon at the same resort before and mentioned Sandra as his partner and that the two would get along. But once the two ladies met, there was a force that was beyond friendship. The two would stay up late in the night, sit by the pool and share drinks.

When the trip ended, the two ladies continued to be in touch. But Sandra wanted Sharon to come to the UK. "I found myself really falling for her. I was so confused, I’d never looked at a woman before in my life. I wanted her to care for me and stay with me," she told in the report. Sandra then decided to let Pete know that the two are more than being friends. When Sharon visited them, Pete went off to stay with his friends. Lesbian YouTube Star Wins ‘Revenge Porn’ Case Against Ex-Boyfriend, Proposes her Girlfriend Outside the Court.

Sharon planned an elaborate proposal for Sandra in the Maldives. Sandra had decided to never get married but she also couldn't refuse Sharon who was her 'Prince Charming.' Sandra's family and children haven't really accepted their relationship. "Sharon’s one of the most romantic people I know. Sometimes I think, ‘She’s a woman… how did that happen?’ But it does happen. I think we’re just meant for each other," she said. Well, this case is a clear example of love knows no boundaries of age and gender.