70-Year-Old Man in Andhra Pradesh Wanted to Bury Himself to Meet God, Police Prevent The Meeting
Representational Image (Photo credits: Pixabay, pixel2013)

Preachers and Godmen may preach of ways to meet God but a man in Andhra Pradesh named Thatireddy Lachi Reddy was convinced that burying himself would lead him to the almighty. 70-year-old Reddy was so fed up with the world that he wanted to die and go meet God. In order to bury himself to death, he even built a concrete grave with an iron cover.

A native of Gannavaram in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, Reddy wrote letters to the district collector to seek permission to bury himself and die. The police reached him and counselled him. 'I am fed up with this world. The world has gone mad and people like me can’t live here anymore," Reddy was quoted in a news report. He had decided Wednesday as an auspicious day for dying and thus decided to enter his bunker. The police were able to reach him and prevent from doing so.

The collector's office rushed the Macherla Rural circle inspector and sub-inspectors to stop him. Sub-inspector Lokeswara Rao informed that Reddy is a very religious man, he would also attend a lot of spiritual congregations in the area. His wife has passed away and has a son as well as a grandson as his family. The police have warned them that if anything happens to him, they will be held responsible.

Meanwhile, the police are also investigating on how the old man managed to build the bunker along with a lid that camouflaged with the surroundings. They suspect that people in the village would have believed what he said about meeting God and thus helped him.