9-yr-old Indian Girl Wins Rs 6.93 Crore Jackpot in Dubai After Securing Luxury Car 6 Years Ago
Girl wins jackpot (Photo Credits: Max Pixel, Pixabay)

Dubai, Apr 17: A nine-year-old Indian girl on Tuesday won USD 1 million (Rs 6.93 crore) jackpot in Dubai Duty-Free's Millennium Millionaire - six years after winning a luxury car in the same raffle. Eliza M, a grade school student, won the jackpot with ticket No.0333, the Khaleej Times reported. Her father, identified as M. from Mumbai and a resident of Dubai for 19 years, said that he was a regular participant in the Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire promotion since 2004. US Mega Millions Jackpot Lottery Winner: Finally, South Carolinian Comes Forward & Claims 1.6 Billion Dollar Prize Money.

With 9 as his lucky number, he decided to buy ticket No. 0333 online under his daughter's name, Eliza, the paper said. The girl is no newcomer to winning Dubai Duty-Free promotions as she won a luxury McLaren Coupe in January 2013, the paper said. She is the 140th Indian national to win a million dollars in the Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire promotion since its inception in 1999. Dubai Duty Free Jackpot: Indo-Canadian Man Mukhtar M Wins $1 Million Prize.

"I have been buying tickets for the USD 1 million promotion since Series 43, and in fact, I have kept that ticket all this time. I never missed buying a ticket for every series including the Double and Multi-Millionaire Promotions," the girl's father said. Following the draw, two more winners were announced in Dubai Duty-Free's Finest Surprise Promotion, each winning a luxury motorbike. Mohammad Haneef Adam, a 23-year-old Dubai-based Indian national, won an Indian Scout Bobber. A resident of Dubai for 20 years, Adam currently works in Sharjah.