The New York Police Department has arrested a man who was popularly known as the 'subway brake bandit' with the help of a picture of his penis! This man was on the lookout for pulling the emergency brake levers on the New York City subway system which caused train delays. In about 3 months span, he is alleged to have caused close to 740 train delays! The Police were able to arrest 23-year-old Isaiah Thompson with the help of a lewd picture which showed him exposing himself. London Train Driver Accidentally Plays Porn on Sound System, Twitter Cracks up With Funny Reactions on XXX Clip (Watch Viral Video).

A resident of Brooklyn, this alleged subway brake bandit was captured by a commuter on May 16 while he exposed himself to the back of the train. The commuter took his picture and forwarded it to the cops. In the following week, he was captured on a surveillance camera on the outside of a train at the same station. It was moments before the emergency brakes of the train were pulled. The NYPD then compared the camera footage with the picture from the commuter and found out it was the same person. They managed to get hold of him. His first incident had taken place on March 11. Revenge Porn! Florida Woman Shared Ex-Boyfriend’s Penis Pictures Online and Asked for Money to Stop As Sextortion.

Thompson is arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing for pulling the brakes on the subway cars. As for his public indecency on May 16, he has been charged with public lewdness. He has intentionally disrupted thousands of commutes by pulling the brakes on the system. He would get aboard the train while it departs and gets to the rear cab. Then he would trigger the emergency brakes and then disappear through subway tunnels. Authorities had been on the lookout for this serial suspect since months.

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