Aamir Khan Shares a Thought-Provoking Video on Gender Equality Made by Kiran Rao (Watch Video)
Aamir Khan shares video on gender equality (Photo Credits: Aamir Khan Instagram)

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan took to Instagram sharing a beautiful video portraying the meaning of gender equality. The 10-second clip touches upon a simple, intriguing yet biased concept. Households that discriminate their children on the basis of gender often show it in the food served to them. A girl typically ends up getting less food than the boy as it is believed that the latter requires to physically grow stronger than former. Aamir Khan shared the video made by his wife and movie director Kiran Rao showcasing why gender equality is the need of the hour. It reads: 'It takes a few seconds to show change.' International Women’s Day 2019: 7 Challenges Women Are Yet to Overcome.

Khan posted the video on social media with the caption, "Hey guys, Kiran has made some 10sec films. I didn't know it was even possible to tell a story in 10 seconds! She has shown me how. Check them out." The video shows two children, presumably siblings where the girl is half a glass of milk while the boy gets a full glass.

Watch the video on gender equality made by Kiran Rao:


The video zooms in and out multiple times giving a clear view of the little nuances between the brother and sister without uttering a word. After both of them are given milk, the brother looks at the sister and pours a little from his glass to hers. They both happily drink. The video shows why gender equality begins at home and little details matter. Among the first people to react to the video was Malayalam actor Rima Kallingal who was trolled for speaking about inequality in the food served to siblings under one roof.