American Teenagers' Hilarious Failed Attempt at Using Rotary Dial Phone Goes Viral (Watch Video)
Teenagers trying to make a call using rotary dial phone (Photo Credits: Kevin Bumstead Facebook)

A hilarious video of two teenagers trying to operate a rotary dial phone has gone viral. They can be seen trying their best to make a call but fails terribly. Illinois resident Kevin Bumstead shared the video on Facebook where he challenged his son Jake and nephew Kyle to make a call using a rotary dial phone in four minutes. The video of the American teenagers struggling with the phone has left social media users in splits.

Clearly, the boys used to touch screen phones, had no idea how a rotary phone functioned. One of them can be heard asking, "Are we supposed to pick up the phone and then do it?" While the other boy asks, "What's with all the holes, though?" And those who grew up using land phones couldn't stop laughing at the boys' plight. Kevin shared the video on Facebook with the caption: 'How do two 17 year olds dial a rotary phone?' He told Daily Mail that he got inspired to attempt something like after watching a video on YouTube. Thanksgiving 2018: Turkey Challenge Goes Viral Freaking Parents out!

Watch the video below:

After a minute they understand fingers have to be pushed through the holes completely to dial a digit. Initially, they do not pick up the receiver and dial the numbers, after being told they pick it up but don't manage to register a call. The guys continue their attempt but in complete vain. With multiple attempts, one of them says: 'We are so dumb'. The video has generated various funny reactions on social media. One of the comments read: 'I love how they keep picking up the phone and hanging it up like clearing my the line.' The video has over 26 million views and more than 1,17,000 likes