Remember Amir Siddiqui? Yes, the TikTok fame who inspired CarryMinati to make YouTube vs TikTok roast video and divided the country into Team TikTok and YouTube have now been launched in the latest music video called "SORRY" and it includes names like Simran, Dinesh, Abhishek, Archana, Amir Siddiqui, Anwar, Shrutika, Ankita amongst others. The music is by Zee Music Company The singer is Simran Jeet and he has done a pretty fine job with the music and we say thing from the perspective of an audience, not musicians, however, the song has become a meme material because of Amir Siddiqui who already has a lot of history with meme makers. They are trolling the music video for his mere presence and the number of dislikes Amir Siddiqui's music video SORRY has gotten. But we will have to agree that the video looks like an extended version of the cringe TikTok videos we used to see before the government of India banned over 50 Chinese apps including TikTok and Shein.

Yes, similar heartbreaks, Bollywood style love affairs overdosed on drama and rona dhona. The video doesn't end without one person having cancer and the other crying in regrets. We aren't even overexaggerating here when we say that the video will remind you of all the cringe short TikTok videos that made you throw up EXCEPT with a good camera quality aka in HD. You have to check out the video for yourself to believe us:

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Amir Siddique Meme (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The TikTok community received a lot of hate for its cringe content from a very long time, but Carry Minati took it upon himself to show Amir Siddiqui his place when he challenged the YouTubers. Carry Minati's rant video where he roasted TikTokers, specifically Amir Siddiqui has now gone viral. TikToker Amir Siddiqui made a video dissing the YouTubers and making accusations about how their content is somewhat inspired by the TikTok community. He also tried to defend the TikTok community by saying that they get undeserved hate. However, a lot of what he was saying was found extremely hilarious and flawed by CarryMinati and he took to YouTube to go on a rant about the Tiktokers.

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