Apple iOs 13.2 Update Introduces New Emojis, Twitterati Abuzz With Funny Reactions and Demands on Some of These Emoticons
Apple ios 13 emoji update (Photo Credits: Twitter)

When all of us are hooked to our smartphones for communication, use of smileys is very apparent. In fact, many of us feel incomplete without using emojis or emoticons in conversations. When there are new emojis introduced, it is even more exciting to converse. Apple released iOs 13.2 and it's given a new set of emojis, over 398 more emoticons to use in your chats! From gender-neutral, people with disabilities, way to select skin colours and new animals, these emojis are exciting to the Apple users. And much as the users are excited, some of them have given funny reactions on this new set.

The newest emojis are of an otter, ringed planet, skunk, pinching hands, a sloth bear, waffles, service dog, flamingo among many others. They also feature inter-racial couples, disability-themed emoji, offering more diversity with skin tones, occupations and flags. And glimpses of the new sets of emojis have been shared on Twitter with some funny reactions. Emoji Mashup Bot Takes Over Twitter, People Have Field Day Creating Bizarre Emoji Combinations That Make Zero Sense.

Here's a Glimpse of New Emojis on iOs 13.2:

The Gender-Neutral Emoji Set:

While everyone is excited about using these, some of them have given funny reactions with their own interpretations to these emoticons. Check some of the funny tweets on Apple's new emojis set. World Emoji Day 2019: Are You Using Them Right? Most Commonly Misunderstood Emojis Explained.

Excited About The Otter

Hahaha! These Funny Interpretations

Stinky Monkey is Switching Minds

The Emoji is Contagious

Some Funny Expectations

Where Are The Cats?

Why Can't There Be a Pink Normal Heart?

Spirit Animal Emoji is Here Too!

Is This For Global Warming?

With close to 400 new additions, people are clearly excited about all of these, while some still have demands of emoticons which are not yet there. Other than these emojis, the update will also have Deep Fusion, a feature that’ll boost the phone’s excellent camera performance. It said to reduce the noise in a photo.