World Emoji Day 2019: Are You Using Them Right? Most Commonly Misunderstood Emojis Explained
World Emoji Day 2019 (Photo Credits: File Image)

If there is something that adds fun to your day-to-day conversations online, it is the emojis. A sentence seems incomplete without an emoji at the end. And now, there's a global celebration to appreciate the role of emojis and it's observed annually on July 17. The World Emoji Day is marked each year, after the increasing popularity emoticons in communication. New emojis are added every few days, leaving you spoilt for choice. But do you know if you are using all your emojis correctly? A lot of times, we use emoticons according to how we understand them. But the designers intend a certain meaning while creating them. Today, on World Emoji Day 2019, we look at some of the most misunderstood emojis. ‘Small Penis Emoji’ and ‘Period Emoji’: Internet Thrilled With the Addition of 230 New Emojis to Make Debut in 2019.

Most Misunderstood Emojis and Their Correct Meaning

Prayer Emoji 🙏

Hi 5 emoji (Photo Credits: File Image)

A lot of times this emoji is used as a high five but it's actually meant as a Japanese a gesture of respect, used like a Namaste.

Fish Cake With Swirl 🍥

Fish Cake With Swirl emoji (Photo Credits: File Image)

This decorative smiley is in the food section of the emojis. It is a ridged fishcake, a Japanese side dish made of processed whitefish, often served with ramen. It's often mistaken for a cake or a swirl.

Person Tipping Hand 💁‍♀️

Person tipping hand emoji (Photo Credits: File Image)

This emoji is often used as a girl flipping hair or sassiness, but it is a person at the reception desk. The woman holding out a hand is actually a waitress carrying an invisible tray of drinks.

Lying Face 🤥

Lying Face emoji (Photo Credits: File Image)

The Pinnochio kinda long-nose smiley is used for symbolising a lying face. It represents lying, a liar, and other concepts of deceit and dishonesty to varying degrees of intensity. People who are not familiar with the tale have been using it in all sorts of clueless ways.

Person Pouting 🙎‍♀️

Person Pouting emoji (Photo Credits: File Image)

Seeming more like an expression of seriousness, the emoji is actually a person pouting. The emoji, however, conveys a more aggressive tone in the smiley.

Call me hand 🤙

Call me hand emoji (Photo Credits: File Image)

This emoticon is used often to symbolise something cool or pop culture. But it actually means "call me". So if you have been using it to represent a 'yo' it actually means a calling symbol.

Anger symbol 💢

Anger symbol (Photo Credits: File Image)

Although it is not used as often, it conveys anger. The red symbol represents veins popping on an angry person. It is used in comic books to indicate the expression of "Bam."

Upside Down Face 🙃

Upside Down Face (Photo Credits: File Image)

This is a classic smiley turned upside down. The flipped version is used to convey irony, sarcasm, joking, or a sense of goofiness.

These are some of the emojis and the meaning behind them, which you were probably using incorrectly all this while. Since emojis are the new way of communication, it is best to know the correct and implied meaning of these symbols. We wish you all a very Happy World Emoji Day!