As Zomato and Swiggy Increase Delivery Fees, Consumers Express Discontent With Online Food Ordering Apps (Check Tweets)
Food delivery apps (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Online food delivery is such a convenient option for those who don't cook or are always in a hurry. Zomato and Swiggy are the two top food delivery apps which people have been using, now that Zomato has acquired the UberEats business. But a hike in the delivery charges has made food delivery option very expensive resort for many. Often the delivery charges are as much as the discount offered by the app, which eliminates the very purpose of these coupon codes. Swiggy and Zomato have not only raised delivery fees over the last six months but also increased the rates of their loyalty programmes. So online food ordering is no more a convenient option and some of these reactions are being shared on social media.

Just a week ago, UberEats announced the selling of its India business to rival Zomato to cut back on the loss-making operations. The app had comparatively lower prices for their meals but that probably did not help them sustain the business. With Zomato and Swiggy competing in the food delivery business, both the companies have raised the delivery fees. There is even more tightened order cancellation rules. Zomato Gold membership and Swiggy Super subscription plan rates have been increased. Loyal users of both applications have expressed their discontent via Twitter. Zomato Eats Uber Eats! Twitterati Make Funny Memes and Jokes on Food Delivery App Acquisition.

Check Reactions to Online Food Ordering Becoming Expensive:

No More Big Discounts?

Rates Higher Than Actual Pricing

Delivery Charges Equal The Price of Food

Expensive Food Ordering

As per a report in Economic Times, the orders are going down with an increase in the delivery charges and other new regulations. It states there is almost a 5-6% drop rate in the orders. The new rates in the loyalty programmes are increased by 20% by Swiggy and about 80% by Zomato. Both these apps will have to find a way to offer better discounts and offers to keep their customers happy.