Beijing, March 15: Doctors were astounded to see an infant born with a four-inch tail sticking out of its back due to an uncommon disease in China. After the baby was born at Hangzhou Children's Hospital, Dr Li, the deputy head physician of paediatric neurosurgery, diagnosed the illness. On social media, Dr Li posted a video of the appendage that displays the strange growth protruding from the baby's back. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) validated Dr Li's hunch that the youngster had a tethered chord and that the growth was the result of partial degeneration.

It is estimated that the boneless appendage is around 10cm (3.9 inches) long. A disease known as a tethered spinal cord occurs when the spinal cord is deviantly linked to the surrounding tissues; typically, this connection occurs near the base of the spine. Mexico Girl Born With 6Cm-Long Tail Covered in Hair and Skin, Extremely Rare Defect Removed by Doctors.

Normal movement and function are often possible because the spinal cord floats freely inside the spinal canal. On the other hand, limited mobility resulting from a tethered spinal cord can lead to a number of neurological issues. Although uncommon, another instance akin to this was found in China in 2014, when five-month-old Nuo Nuo was diagnosed with spinal bifida, a congenital condition that causes a gap in the spine during development, according to the Metro. The mother became aware of the baby's five-inch tail a few days after the kid was born. Collodion Syndrome: Premature Baby Born With Waxy, Shiny, Plastic-Like Skin Gets New Lease of Life by Doctors in Haryana.

Surgeons declined to operate, despite the mother's encouragement for them to assist her kid and find a way to remove the tail. They came to the conclusion that removing the baby's tail would permanently harm him because it was attached to his nervous system. In a related finding, last June, medical professionals in Guyana, South America, removed a 10-day-old baby's tail. Since the infant boy's spine was deformed at birth, he was born with a "tail," which is actually a caudal appendage.

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