Bangalore Employees Kidnap and Harass Their Boss for Not Getting Their Salary Dues; Employer Attempts Suicide After the Incident
Office (Photo used For representational purposes only Photo Credits: Pixabay)

In a bizarre incident, the owner of a tech company was abducted because of not being able to pay his employees their dues for several months. The frustrated employee tricked him into taking him to his farmhouse where they locked him in a room and harassed him till he admitted that he would arrange for the money. The incident took place in Bangalore where the Halasuru police were able to arrest the four employees of the tech firm on the accusations of abduction and torture of their employer to recover three months salary, which had not been paid, as per reports by the Hindu. Sujay S.K. who is the victim lives in Cambridge Layout and owns a tech start-up. Chinese Company Makes Employees Crawl on Road as Punishment For Missing Year-End Targets; Viral Video Causes Social Media Outrage.

However, since his business wasn't doing very well, he was unable to pay the salaries of the employees. Although he told them that he would pay their dues very soon. As revenge of not receiving their salaries, seven of his employees took him to a farmhouse in Maddur where they locked him up. After some time of torturing Sujay, they released him when he assured that he would somehow pay them. Things took a U-Turn when Sujaytried to commit suicide when he was returning home. He was rushed to the hospitals where the police recorded his statement. Soon four of the employees- Sanjay, Rakesh, Niranjan, and Darshan- were tracked down and arrested on the charges of abduction, assault, and criminal intimidation, as per reports by the Hindu.