It was Thanksgiving day on Thursday  and today we witness Black Friday aka the day after the Thanksgiving Day that is celebrated as a day dedicated to shopping in the United States. Every year the fourth Thursday of November is celebrated as Thanksgiving day in the US and the following day is celebrated as Black Friday which officially starts the country's Christmas shopping spree. It is celebrated this way since the year 1952. America has its maximum number of sales during this day and you'll see all the retailers remain open till late night and also offer Black Friday promotional sales. It is a day you'll see the whole US indulged in shopping like there's no tomorrow. However, you will also find the social media flooded with Black Friday memes that will crack you up! Also, beware of fake Black Friday offers going rounds on WhatsApp and Twitter.

While you empty your pockets shopping on Black Friday and cashing out on the major Black Friday deals, you can spare some time to encash your daily dose of laughter as well. Take a look at these #BlackFridayShopping memes that are taking Instagram by storm. Funny Thanksgiving 2018 Food Coma Memes That Are So Real That They’ll Make Your Stomach Hurt….From ROFLing.

Won't even disagree!


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It is coming 🐓

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Set your priorities right!

Can't stop laughing!


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No rules at all...

One for the Marvel Fans!


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Not everyone is as lucky as the Americans!


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This makes no sense! #blackfriday #blackfridaymemes #europe #blackfridayeurope

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🤣🤣 #blackfriday #blackfridaymemes

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ROFLing harder!

That's all of us!

Don't you wish this too?


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Bahahahahaha! Yes! I don’t know about you, but on #BlackFriday this year I’ll be staying home guarding the left over wine and turkey! Wanna avoid the drama? Stay home and shop online with me!⠀ ⠀ PS: I’m adding my official invitees to my Black Friday #MegaParty. I’ve got TWO spots left if you want in! ⠀ .⠀ ⠀ .⠀ ⠀ .⠀ ⠀ .⠀ ⠀ #LookFierce #SeneGenceDistributor436010 #shopnowonline #shopnow #shoplipstick #shopbeauty #shopmakeup #makeupshop #beautyshop #meme #itsfunnytome #makeupmemes #whatdoyoumeme #shoppingmemes #shoppingproblems #blackfridaymemes #girlproblems #makeupproblems #lolol #lol #hahahah #beautymakeup #makeupgirl #beautyfull #beautytime #beautyshop

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That's the most common scene, isn't it?

Who's going to have Black Friday on weed?


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That's darker than my soul!

Won't deny!


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@Regran_ed from @nomadicmarnie - 😂😂😂😭😭 Repost @ravennadusk1997 #blackfriday #blackfridaymemes - #regrann

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How many will agree?

Let's collectively agree...


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Well... all I can say is that even if you are broke this Black Friday, at least you have these memes for you to laugh at. Tell us which one was your favourite!

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