Boris Johnson Memes Flood Twitter! Americans Offer Brits Condolences for Getting Their Very Own Trump As Prime Minister of UK (See Funny Tweets)
Boris Johnson gets trolled on twitter (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Boris Johnson becomes the Prime Minister-designate of the United Kingdom and people have flooded Twitter with hilarious reactions. Johnson will be overtaking Theresa May for the position of the Prime Minister. Just like views on Donald Trump, people from all over the world have opinions on Boris Johnson. People have pointed out the similarities between the two leaders. Boris Johnson was one of the people who wanted Brexit to happen. People have welcomed him to the office with hilarious reactions, not necessarily a warm welcome but funny. Boris Johnson Is New UK Prime Minister After Winning Tory Leadership Contest, To Replace Theresa May.

Boris Johnson started as MP for Henley in 2001. He started his career through journalism and worked in The Times. Though he’s not in the media anymore, he’s a well-known and controversial figure in British politics and journalism. After he was elected the Prime Minister-designate, Twitter went wild with reactions and memes in all forms. Most memes surfaced are comparing Trump and Johnson. 'Voting Tory Will Cause Your Wife to Have Bigger Breasts': New UK PM Boris Johnson's Most Outrageous Quotes.

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Shortly after the results, people started tweeting #NotMyPM and the hashtag went famous. Every person is expressing their disappointment and bracing themselves for whatever Boris Johnson has in store for the public.