Bright Pink Emoji House Annoys Neighbours in Manhattan, Residents Demand Legal Action Against the House Owner (View Pic)
Emoji House in Manhattan (Photo Credits: ztheart/ Instagram)

Emojis are, in most cases, fun and work for conversation even better. But this was never the intention of a resident in Manhattan Beach, who instead decided to give her house a quirky look. A smiling face with its tongue sticking out and another with a zipper across the mouth, representing the “shut up” emoji crowned by long and bold eyelashes—the bright pink house do look pretty cool. However, this quirky art is pissing the neighbours, who believe the art is to mock them, and hence they demand legal action against the house owner.  Are You Using Them Right? Most Commonly Misunderstood Emojis Explained. 

If you are wondering the neighbours are too rude to the house owner, Kathryn Kidd, think again. So, the pain appeared shortly after Kidd was charged for violation of the city’s rental laws, possibly on Airbnb. It is an illegal practice in Manhattan Beach. After neighbour Susan Wieland complained, Kidd was fined $4,000 (more than Rs 2 lakh), reported the Easy Reader News. Susan told the same news outlet that she was wearing eyelash extensions when she once met Kidd.

The artist who spray-painted the cool design onto the home, Z the Art, shared a photo to his Instagram.

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Kidd, on the other hand, disagreed with Susan. She told the same report that the emojis were not intended to mock Weiland and that she was not violating any laws. Neighbours had sent letters and numerous emails to city officials, but no action has yet been taken.