Californian Police Horse Punched During Drunken Fight at Fair, Five Arrested
Horse gets punched during brawl (Photo Credits: Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department Facebook)

A police horse in rural California was dragged into a drunken fight over unavailability of beer at a county fair. And in the middle of the fight, one of the men punched the patrol horse in a fit of rage. Maximus, the horse is now recovering from the injury. Four police officers were also injured in the attack after which all the five men were arrested. The incident happened around 10 pm on Sunday night. Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department took to Facebook saying that the brawl began when Deputies on horses contacted the group of men wearing gang attire as they appeared drunk. When they were asked to leave, one of them assaulted an officer garnering the attention of people at the fair. Cassowary Attack in Florida: World’s Most Dangerous Bird Kills Its 75-Year-Old Owner in a Horrible Incident.

In the meanwhile, one of the men got knocked over by a police horse named Maximus spilling his beer, which angered the man. He got up and thumped the horse in its "rear end". The sheriff's office said, "This subject got back up and was upset his beer had spilled. He proceeded to punch Maximus, the horse, in the rear end. He was subsequently arrested." The photo shared by the sheriff's office shows the horse wearing a band-air and a teddy bear on his back munching on grass. Kangaroo Attacks a Paraglider After Immediately Landing in Their Territory, Watch Funny Viral Video.

Here is the Facebook Post:

One of the deputies who were injured in the attack was treated for a dislocated shoulder, while the other officers suffered minor injuries. Police updated that the patrol horse was fine and would make a "full recovery" after the punch. The police department said, "Maximus is recovering today by running around his pasture and eating alfalfa. Maximus is still committed to serving justice and will not be dissuaded in his efforts."