Cardi B’s Butt Looks Smaller in Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram Post! Internet Trolls Him for ‘Photoshopping’ Her Picture
Cardi B and Dan Bilzerian (Photo Credit: Instagram/ CardiB and dan bilzerian)

Dan Bilzerian was sighted with the Rap Queen, Grammy award winner Cardi B and the picture had to go viral. However, the image isn't going viral for the reason of them being together but for other reasons that are hilariously bizarre. Dan Bilzerian who is known to post pictures and video of himself surrounded by naked girls, sometimes rare arms and animals has a reputation of flaunting his filthy-rich life. However, he thought of posting an edited picture of himself with Cardi B wherein he decided to reduce the size of Cardi B's butt using photoshop and People on social media can't understand the need. Hottest Dan Bilzerian Pictures & Videos on Instagram: The Social Media 'Playboy' Shares His Most Popular Posts of Last Year.

A photo in which Cardi B being Cardi B is sticking her tongue out and posing with Dan Bilzerian is going viral and people are calling him out for tampering the picture, particularly reducing the size of Cardi B's butt. The photo shows Dan's marijuana company's logo in the background.

The millionaire professional poker player and cannabis entrepreneur can be seen in swim trunks and a T-shirt with Cardi B by her side.

The same photo was posted on Cardi B's Instagram without editing the picture, however, is now deleted.

Here's the edited picture of Dan Bilzerian and Cardi B:


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They can’t tell us how to act @iamcardib @ignite

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Reactions from Tweeple:

There were more such editing:

He also edited others in the picture:

Absolutely unnecessary

However, he felt that it was okay to not edit a stain on his T-shirt that looked too weird.

Whatever may be the reason this is hilarious beyond belief. Why would anyone do that, especially to someone like Cardi B, Twitter cannot stop wondering.