CBSE Class 12 Board Exam Results 2018 Declared: Annoying Relatives Will Not Even Spare Merit Holders, Check These Funny Jokes and Memes on Twitter
CBSE Class 12 Board Exam Results 2018 Declared (Photo Credits: @ketanpunekarrr/ Twitter)

The season of board exam result announcements has arrived and students all over India are on a roller coaster ride of anxiety as they face the pressure of expectations. Since the time any educational board declare its date to announce the examination results, our beloved relatives seem to be more tensed than any of the students. “What’s your percentage, beta?” “Send me your roll number quickly.” The most common and irritated questions over pesky phone calls that hit our nerves straight! They won't spare merit holders. And on this period, as CBSE announced its class 12th board exam results; students can’t get over but share the popular and most annoying experience with relatives.  From trolling out the relatives who call right during the result day to some sensible advice that students and their concerned parents must follow, Twitterati is buzzed with fun and humorous Memes.

Every Indian child is blessed to have those overly concerned relatives in their life, who would not show up for years, but will definitely call on D-day. Of course! They need to know what you have been doing throughout the year and they are great in predicting your future. Check out how well Twitterati explains.

Here it begins!

They have a deep rooted interest in your performance...

Best reply! How we wish, if we could spill all that out...

Pity, Sharma Ji ka ladka!

Perfect Race 3 dialogue...

You really cannot tell them to shut up!

Some serious note to parents!

Revenge time!

Habits can't be changed...


Well done, Meghna!

The most popular meme!

For those who are waiting for their results and expecting them to be out by next week; let us admit, by now all your chacha-chachi, bua-fufa, mausi-mausa and as it goes on; must have spread your roll number to everyone they know. C’mon! Even Google is not as fast as any relatives are. To end on a serious note; congratulations to all the CBSE students for an extreme performance. Just believe in yourself and focus more on your next step. Your entire life is waiting to welcome you with cool adventurous full of surprises and opportunities. Enjoy the beautiful journey of life!