Christmas Explosion TikTok Videos Are Dreamy and Serve Best Festive Decor Ideas For The Holiday Season
Christmas decorations (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The festival of Christmas is still a month away. But if you are on TikTok, you may think the festive season is already here. Thanks to the new Christmas explosion trend that has emerged on the video-making app, users are showing the best festive decoration ahead of Christmas 2019. In these videos, a dull looking room gets adorned with beautiful festive decorations for Christmas after an "explosion" of a Christmas bauble. The transformed and fully decorated rooms will make you want to decorate your own home too. These videos are going crazy viral, and people love it. Netizens are engrossed into the festive season already. TikTok Girls Are Dancing Their Hearts Out to Voicemails They Received From Exes, Watch Viral Videos.

The trend is called "Christmas explosion." The idea is to make videos of Christmas decorations in the rooms. The user throws a bauble like its a time bomb into a room. Soon after it explodes, they show you the transformed room. Made with a bit of editing, these TikTok videos are the best use of the application, ahead of the festive season. A Twitter user named Alex has compiled some of the best of such videos, and the thread is going viral. Christmas 2019 Decoration Ideas: 5 Alternatives for Xmas Tree That Will Dazzle up Your Home This Holiday Season.

Check The Twitter Thread of Best Christmas Explosion Videos:

This Twitter thread is going viral with over four lakh likes and over lakh retweets. So you can guess how much people are loving this trend. Check some of the other videos.

Even the Dogs Are So Cute:

From Mess to Impress

Lit Decor!

Not Just at Home!

So Pretty!

We Love How the Pets Join Along

Each video is prettier than the other. Doesn't it make you to go Christmas decor shopping already? It is time to start decorating your home, out up the Christmas tree ASAP! While there are new trends coming up on TikTok every few weeks, the Christmas Explosion trend is definitely the best one to have come up during the festival season.