Just when we thought the intensity of coronavirus will knock in some sense into this handful of people who would go upto any extent to go viral, here we are with yet another TikTok video where a girl can be seen licking the toilet seat rim as a part of some godforsaken "coronavirus challenge". We don't even need to get into the details about why this is wrong, netizens are just shaken why would anyone even conceive of something like that in their head and post it on a platform that has millions of users, influencing teens and kids. Insensitive Millennials and Gen-Z Trend ‘Boomer Remover’ Amid Deadly Virus Attack Worldwide, Read Mean Tweets. 

While we write about this, Coronavirus aka COVID-19 outbreak has caused over 169,605 total worldwide cases and with a death toll of 6,518 as of March 16 morning. And it is pure insanity seeing something like this show up on people's timeline, moreover packaged as a challenge like there is some bravery to show off there. In the video, the girl unapologetically places the camera and licks off the toilet seat and then goes ahead to show the peace sign. It is being said that it has been shot it a flight and the background does give the same impression too.

Amongst the numerous reasons why this is a bad idea, let's start with the most important part that the video intends to influence others to become a part of this life-threatening "trend". Moreover, God knows why is this a "coronavirus challenge" because whether or not coronavirus exists, this is the worst idea for your health. The person who shared this video captioned it with, "Y’all participating in the new Corona Challenge? This is on a plane btw..." and we would like to shout on the top of our lungs with a big "Hell NO" while taking a full 180-degree turn to run towards the woods. You have to check out the video to believe:

While we collectively shake our heads, this video has reached over 5.6 million views in just one day. We can only imagine the kinds of impact this video might have. We wish people use their discretion to understand that this is not a fun challenge but is immensely dangerous! You don't lick a toilet seat that too of a flight that may have so many different types of germs from different people's body. Just NO. There is no explanation for this!

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