Coronavirus aka COVID-19 outbreak has turned into a pandemic with 169,605 total worldwide cases and with a death toll of 6,518 as of March 16 morning. Unfortunately, the worst-hit population by this contagious, nearly fatal, pneumonia-like disease are the elderly because of their weakened immune system and underlying health conditions. However, for some strange reason, some of the notorious millennials and gen-z are finding it funny and are taking to social media to trend #BoomerRemover. The hashtag is so insensitive, that it is not only shocking people but also requires an apology. Coronavirus Outbreak: Elderly People Are Most Vulnerable To COVID-19, Here's How to Protect Them from the Deadly Disease.

For those who do not understand, "boomer" is the term used for people who are born between 1944 and 1964. They may be current between the age group of 55-75. Making disrespectful and infuriating jokes of probably the worst hit of coronavirus has to be the lowest of all lows the millennials and gen-z have ever touched. What's worse? These jokes and memes are coming from people who are also contributing to coronavirus and are probably the ones spreading the contagious infection, the most. While the old age-group may be affected the worst by COVID-19, the Millenials and Gen-Z are the biggest carriers of this disease. Not much is happening to them because they have a stronger immune system. But for how long? And what is the point if such people cannot be anything but sensitive in the current situation.

They are sharing "funny memes and jokes" under the hashtag #BoomerRemover. And while they think they are being hilarious, they are only spread unwanted hate and gathering disrespect for themselves. Check out some of the tweets and posts:

Seriously, What?!

How Is Twitter Letting This Exist?

This Is Unbelievable


So They're Using Greta Thurnberg GIFs Now?

The "Boomer Remover Trend" shouldn't be a trend first of all. Apart from that, it is really weird that such content is still there on Twitter and not reported for violating the community guidelines of spreading hate.

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