Does size matter? This question has forever divided people. This new dating site says it doesn't. Known as "Dinky one" this unique dating platform is specifically made for people with smaller penises. Men with small penises often remain concerned about their size impacting their sex lives, but this new dating site doesn't just break the stereotype but also gives more importance to transparency. Thousands of people have already signed up for the dating site giving the pressure related to penis-size a break. Helping men with smaller phallus find love, this dating site has already won social media. "Dinky One was created to help guys who are smaller than average. Smaller guys can use the site privately and date outside of their usual network. Everyone understands the situation in advance, allowing couples to focus on getting to know each other and dating," founder David Minns told The Post Sex Query Of The Week: Do Tall Guys Have Bigger Penis? Sex Positions For Men With Thin Genitals.

Now how to join this new dating site and who exactly can join the platform? You can find all the information and it is really easy. The average size of the an erect penis is said to be 5.5 inches and people with smaller than 5.5 inches "are eligible to join," the site says. They also mention how, "100% of the men on this site are less than average." The site claims it currently has over 27,000 members, with a ratio of 71 percent male to 27 percent female and 2 percent transgender. Sex Query of the Week: What Are the Best Sex Positions for Men with Small Penis Sizes?

One of the testimonies on the website reads: "When you’re a smaller man dating is very complicated. It’s therefore far better to date online with strangers and even better on a dedicated site such as Dinky One as everyone knows in advance." Looks like people are quite liking the new dating site, Dinky One in the pool of mainstream dating sites like, Tinder, Hinge and Bumble.

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