‘Ask Me a Question’ Instagram Meme Used Creatively by Mumbai Police to Alert Citizens Against Cyber Crimes
‘Ask Me a Question’ Instagram Meme Used Creatively by Mumbai Police (Photo Credits: @MumbaiPolice/ Twitter)

Instagram came out with a new feature earlier this week. Now netizens can ask and respond to questions on the platform, via a sticker. But not everyone is happy with it! The moment 'Ask Me a Question' was launched, people have said that the innovation has cluttered up stories on the platform. Those who have used this sticker till now definitely have across to very personal questions or to be precise, some creepy ones. As the recent feature invited hilarious memes on social media, Mumbai Police too joins the club. Yes, the social media team of the police force has once again come up with an Instagram meme creatively though, to alert the citizens against Cyber Crimes. ‘Ask Me a Question’ Is Instagram’s Newest Feature; Netizens Respond With Funniest Memes. 

The vigilant and watchful protectors of the city of dreams rightly know how to address the current issue with some digital fun, and we love them even more now. After Instagram came with 'Ask me a Question' sticker in a hope to keep it more engaging, they forgot about those spooky eyes whose intent to bother people hitting uncomfortable conversation would never stop. Social media is filled with such nasty people! In an effort to highlight the recent Insta sticker and increasing number of cyber crimes in India, Mumbai Police came up with #OnlineSafety.

"Such personal questions don’t need insta replies! They need to be sent insta-ntly to the police," reads the tweet.

Since Mumbai Police opened their account, they have been slaying the tweet game. Last month too, Mumbai Police was praised when they advised women to block those unknown faces who keeps poking just to be 'friends', "Block them. Call us. We will take good care of their emotion & intention! #Dial100 #WomensSafety." Even when citizens are struggling with rainfall, the police force takes on F.R.I.E.N.D.S' theme song while rendering support to the citizens. Combing stern advice and concern with pun-intended tweets are really a treat to Mumbaikars.