'Drunk' Woman Grinds On Police Officer And Moans As He Handcuffs Her in Alabama; Video Goes Viral
Woman Grinds On Police Officer during Arrest (Photo Credits: Caters Clips YouTube)

Video of a woman grinding on a cop while being arrested has gone viral on social media platforms. The clip shows the woman being handcuffed by a police officer when she tries to get intimate with him. She tries to grind into him and moans as the cop holds her hand behind her back. The video which was shared on social media platforms by Barstool Sports has recieved more than 1.6 million views. Reportedly, she was drunk during the time of her arrest. “Arrest Me With Your C**k!” Drunk Wales Woman Tries to Twerk on a Police Officer (Watch Viral Video)

People recording the scene can be heard laughing loudly seeing the woman's act. She says something to the officer which is unclear and then proceeds to say, "Ah, yeah. You like that? You like that?" The woman was identified as April Teale, a 24-year-old from Alabama. The incident happened near the Bryant-Denny Stadium after Alabama's win over the University of Tennessee.

Video of Woman Grinding on Police Officer While Being Handcuffed:

The cop takes a step back and hold holds her tightly as she tries to stop him from arresting her. But the woman continues to touch the police officer inappropriately. Barstool Sports dubbed the incident the 'horniest arrest of all time'. It is not clear what led to the arrest of the woman. Reportedly it occurred at a busy nightlife area and the identity of those who filmed it is not known. As the video went viral, varying opinions filled the comments section. While one commented 'She's gonna be the one that files for sexual harassment' another social media user replied 'Luckily she can't because it was caught on video.'