EasyJet Passenger's Pic of Sitting on Seat With No Backrest Goes Viral, Company Faces Backlash For Asking to Remove Photo (Check Tweets)
EasyJet flight with no backseat (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Flight journeys are not always very comfortable but at least they are convenient when you want to save up on time. While the leg space in flights is always an issue, a picture of an EasyJet passenger sitting on a plane seat with no backrest is going viral. What's worsened the situation was when the airline company asked to take down the picture from social media. While having a seat with no backrest is not shocking enough, the company tried to get the photo off social media. The airline received more backlash from people. But the airline later confirmed that no passengers were allowed to take those seats and they are awaiting repair. Mother Kicked Off EasyJet Flight in Spain For Wearing See-Through Top Without Bra.

A Twitter user named Matthew Harris posted a picture of easyJet flight U22051 which was heading to Geneva from London. A woman is seen sitting on a seat which has no backrest. The seat next to her also doesn't have a backrest. Harris tweeted the picture and asked, "How can this be allowed?" He mentioned that his friend took the photo and that the woman was moved to another seat after the boarding was complete. Honeymoon Gone Wrong! Drunk Husband Thrown off Flight and Jailed For Causing Ruckus, Wife Screamed, 'You've F****d Our Honeymoon'.

Check EasyJet Picture of Seat with no Backrest:

While the picture looks only so uncomfortable, the reply by EasyJet was even more shocking, who wanted to get the picture of social media.

Check EasyJet's reply to the viral pic:

With that, they only invited more fury from the netizens. People slammed them saying they seem to worry more about the social media image than the safety of the passengers. Someone else called them a disgrace. Check some reactions on EasyJet's reply.


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In fact, more and more people started reposting the same picture and it went more viral. The airline company clarified in a report to The Independent, "no passengers were permitted to sit in these seats as they were inoperative awaiting repair. Safety is our highest priority and easyJet operates its fleet of aircraft in strict compliance with all safety guidelines." We can only imagine the trouble she must have felt when she first got to know her seat won't have a backrest, although she was shifted later on.