Esha Gupta Should Be Fired As Arsenal Ambassador Over Racial ‘Gorilla’ Comment on Alex Iwobi, Fans Refuse to Accept Actress’ Apology!
Esha Gupta caught in racism row against Arsenal footballer Alex Iwobi (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Bollywood actress and Arsenal superfan, as well as ambassador Esha Gupta, stoked controversy on social media after she shared a WhatsApp chat containing racist comments directed at Nigerian footballer Alex Iwobi who plays as a forward for Arsenal FC. The Total Dhamaal actress posted a screenshot in which her friend called Alex Iwobi a ‘gorilla’ and said that "evolution stopped for him". Esha Gupta Labelled ‘Racist’ After She Laughs on Comments Comparing Nigerian Footballer Alex Iwobi to Gorilla!

Arsenal lost 1-3 to Manchester United in the fourth round of FA Cup. The match took place on January 26. Esha who claims to be a huge fan of the Gunners was upset with the defeat. Obviously. But she did something no fan or a person would do to feel better – engage in racial abuse to feel better. The Delhi model shared a chat she had with a friend after Man United vs Arsenal game. In the conversation, Esha's friend called Iwobi a "gorilla" and said that "evolution stopped for him". He even said that the footballer did not change from "neanderthal to man". To that, Esha laughed and replied: "Haha... I don't know why they don't bench him more." Esha Gupta Apologises For Laughing on Racist 'Gorilla' Comment on Arsenal Footballer Alex Iwobi.

While Esha coolly shared this racist chat on a public platform, netizens were in no mood to tolerate racism. They slammed the actress and called out her racist behaviour. Seeing such a massive uproar online, Esha posted several tweets seeking an apology. But people are not buying it. In fact, they found Esha Gupta’s apology ‘insincere.’ And they are not entirely wrong. Here’s why.

The Controversial WhatsApp Chat Between Esha Gupta and Her Friend

Esha Gupta caught in a racism row (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Firstly, the actress is saying sorry to the people who “thought it was racist.” Yes, she did/does not feel there is anything racist about the chat. Secondly, she is actually defending the conversation that fuelled racism. Esha writes, “It was us discussing our frustration during the game.sorry as I din realise it directed towards racism.laughed over the spur of the moment, which was the games result guys [sic].” Thirdly, Esha Gupta is playing victim to get out of the controversy. In the same tweet, she is talking about how she has been a victim of racism herself. And lastly, there is still no apology to the player, Alex Iwobi who is racially abused by her.

Esha Gupta's Apology Tweet 1

Esha Gupta's Apology Tweet 2

Esha Gupta's Apology Tweet 3

Angry fans have lambasted Esha Gupta's problematic racist act and are asking Arsenal to sack her from the position of the football club's brand ambassador. Gunners FC, who take pride in taking a strong stand against racism, are requested by thousands online to sack Esha Gupta from representing the club in future. Check out the tweets slamming Esha Gupta over racial abuse of Arsenal footballer Alex Iwobi!

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Esha Gupta's Claim to Arsenal Superfan Moments Captured on Instagram

From watching Arsenal matches at Emirates Stadium (Gunners home ground) to being match ready by sporting the club's jersey, Esha Gupta never failed to show her love for the Premier League Club on several ocassions.

Esha Writes, "Really need the 🤞🏾 but either ways we love you gunners, with love, gooners"


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Really need the 🤞🏾 but either ways we love you gunners, with love, gooners @arsenal @unaiemery_

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Another Pic of Esha Gupta in Arsenal Jersey, This Time on a Match Day


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Match day 🤞🏾🔴

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When Esha Gupta Unveiled Away Kit of Arsenal FC


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The new away kit.. 💙

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One More Picture of Esha Gupta in Away Jersey


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All Hearts For Arsenal FC


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❤️ 🔴@Arsenal.. 😬 finalsssss

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Esha may try to cover the racial abuse of Alex Iwobi under the guise of 'spur of the moment' but she will not be successful. It would have been better had the actress sought a heartfelt apology from the footballer than slyly defend or take out the victim card to deviate attention from her misdoing. One will have to wait and watch whether Arsenal fires Esha or not. So far, there's no official word from either the English club or the footballer.