There is no shortage of videos on the internet, and when it comes to vehicles failed-to-park compilations, we have plenty. Where in the past, we have seen drivers smartly and carefully parking their vehicle, even in the narrowest driveway, there are clips capturing parking fails too. Adding to that list, one video is currently going viral on social media, which can be described as an expensive parking fail, in the UK. A Porsche Taycan’s driver had tremendous parking fail, when the motorist accidentally slammed on the accelerator and went on speeding over a wall into another car. The vehicle hit an SUV parked in the steep driveway and then careered over a wall and landed on another car in the street reportedly in the Essex coastal town of Manningtree.

The CCTV footage from another house captured the disaster in the quiet neighbourhood. The clip, going viral online shows the Porsche slowly making its way up a sloped driveway. It stops on the hill, as though about to park, but unexpectedly swerves to the right. The car needs to execute an almost 180-degree turn to reach the driveway in front of a nice brick house. The car zooms into an SUV parked in front of the garage and sends its spinning towards the house, before careering over a wall. It then lands on top of a parked car below, sending its skidding down the road.

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The Porsche finally stops, balanced between the wall and the blue car. What a terrific sight! In the clip, neighbours can be seen discovering the parking fail.

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Thankfully, no one was seriously injured, and also there was no one crossing on the sidewalk when the Taycan came flying off the improvised ramp. A neighbour was quoted in media reports informing that the Porsche driver had been visiting the house when he crashed and was pretty ‘shaken up’ but did not suffer any serious injuries. The exact cause of the crash is not explained in the videos, but viewers on the internet have speculated whether the driver had hit the wrong pedal and accelerated rather than braked.

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