Can COVID-19 Vaccine increase your penis length? Seems absurd right? Well, that's the word on social media. People are sharing posts that contain screenshots and excerpts that say COVID-19 vaccine can actually help enlarge the penis size. Posts are being shared on Twitter and Facebook that claim COVID-19 vaccine can help increase the length of the male genitalia by three inches for some individuals. These posts claim that people with a shorter penis can see an increase in their penis size after taking the vaccine prepared for coronavirus. Coronavirus Found in Broiler Chicken? PIB Fact Check Debunks Fake News. 

Take a look at posts that claim that COVID-19 vaccine can increase penis length by 3 inches:


Can COVID-19 Vaccine Increase Your Penis Length?

These posts being circulated with a screenshot attached that give an impression of being from a medical journal. They have also been shared several times. However, a closer look at the screenshot will show that the paper was published in "The New Ingland Journal of Merdecine" which clearly has a lot of spelling mistakes and the pattern continues for the entire paper. However, the post also gives away a hint of satire, encouraging people to take vaccines. Coronavirus Vaccine Launched in India? PIB Fact Check Calls Viral WhatsApp Message Fake. 

If you google looking for "The New Ingland Journal of Merdecine" you will find nothing. However, the well-known, "The New England Journal of Medicine" exist and this fake post seems to be a parody run, satirical in nature taking a dig at people who think coronavirus vaccines are dangerous. In conclusions, "The New England Journal of Medicine" hasn’t published a research paper on penis enlargement and "The New Ingland Journal of Merdecine" doesn't exist. It's a hoax.

Fact check

Can COVID-19 Vaccine Increase Penis Length by 3 Inches? Fact Check to Analyse the Claims Made in a 'Medical Journal'
Claim :

COVID-19 Vaccine Increases Penis Length by 3 Inches, as Per a \'Medical Journal\'

Conclusion :

Parody Name for The New England Journal of Medicine Has Been Used To Spread False Information

Full of Trash

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