Fact Check: In Israel No Death From COVID-19? Fake WhatsApp Forward States Drink Made of Lemon And Bicarbonate Saved Citizens From Coronavirus
Fake story on Coronavirus in Israel (Photo Credits: WhatsApp Forward, Pixabay)
As countries across the world are fighting Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak by adopting various measures, fake news is posing an equal threat to lives of people. There is a barrage of fake news, which is flying thick and fast with the help of social media. With COVID-19 being on prime news, most fake WhatsApp forwards are relating to its cure and prevention. And the latest one to be added to the list is one claiming that no deaths related to Coronavirus have been reported in Israel. It states that the reason for the country being safe from the virus is due to a drink made from lemon and bicarbonate. Fact Check: Bananas Prevent Coronavirus Infection? Viral Video Claiming Australian Research Stated Bananas Can Help Prevent COVID-19 Is FAKE; Here’s the Truth.
The fake story reads,  "IN ISRAEL NO DEATH FROM C-19 ! He told them a super news ... This is how it arrived and this is how I send it.  The cure for the C19 virus or the way to eliminate it was achieved. Information comes from Israel there this virus did not cause any death.
The recipe is simple
 1. * Lemon *
 2. * Bicarbonate *
 Mix and drink as hot tea every afternoon, the action of the lemon with hotter baking soda immediately kills the virus 🦠 completely eliminates it from the body.  These two components alkalize the immune system, since when night falls the system becomes acidic and defenses lower. That is why the People of Israel is relaxed about this virus.  Everyone in Israel drinks a cup of hot water with lemon and a little baking soda at night, as this is proven to kill the virus." Fact Check: Is COVID-19 a 'Scapegoat Virus' to Distract Everyone From Asteroid Crash Causing a Doomsday? Know Truth Behind This Conspiracy Theory.

Fake News on Coronavirus in Israel (Photo Credits: WhatsApp forward)

While the WhatsApp forward states that there are no COVID-related deaths in Israel, in reality, Israel has witnessed five deaths and close to 2,400 cases so far. The fake news comes at a time when the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday said that they would not avoid a complete lockdown without a decrease in the rate of new coronavirus infections. Citizens wanting to go out for a stroll or take a stroll have been asked to stay within 100 meters of their homes. Schools have been shut and businesses closed leading to more than 5,00,000 lay-offs.

Talking about the mixture of baking soda and lemon juice, it has some health benefits. It is a home remedy to detoxify the body, balance pH levels, improve digestion, boost the immune system, aid heart health, protect the skin and liver. However, one must know the correct proportion of baking soda to be used otherwise, it may cause diarrhoea and gas, whereas too much lemon juice could trigger acid reflux and make symptoms worse.

One should note that there is no approved antiviral drug for coronavirus as of now. Although tests are being conducted, no vaccine has been found yet. As of now, doctors recommend patients to rest and take fluids to avoid dehydration and administer medicine to reduce pain and fever.

Fact check

Fact Check: In Israel No Death From COVID-19? Fake WhatsApp Forward States Drink Made of Lemon And Bicarbonate Saved Citizens From Coronavirus
Claim :

A WhatsApp forward claims that Israel has reported no Coronavirus-related deaths as they had a drink made of lemon and bicarbonate. It also details how the drink can save a person from the deadly virus.

Conclusion :

The fake forward claims that people can be saved by consuming the drink which strengthens the immune system.

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