A male calf was born after almost a decade at Woodland Park Zoo in Singapore. Officials at the Night Safari has named the adorable Malayan Tapir calf as Bintang. While Bintang was born on June 28, 2020, the Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) recently shared a video of when the Tapir mother was giving birth, on Facebook. The video shows Bintang's mother lying in the corner of her den, she then gets up and delivers the baby. Immediately after giving birth, she can be seen licking the little one. Himachal Pradesh Govt Rearing Endangered Species of Chamurthi Horses Also Known As ‘Ship of the Cold Desert’.

The baby tapir looks very different from the mother and has a brown and white striped coat. However, this is just temporary as the mottled coat will gradually turn into black and white coat like that of its mother. World Tapir Day 2020: Interesting Facts About the Endangered Animal and Why Conservation of the Herbivore and its Habitat is Important.

Mother Tapir Gives Birth at Zoo:

New baby tapir at Night Safari!

Caught on CCTV - the birth of our newest baby tapir at Night Safari! Join us in reliving this precious moment.

Posted by Wildlife Reserves Singapore on Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Two weeks after birth, tapir babies start eating solid food and learn to swim by the third week. They can even hold their breath upto 90 seconds underwater and use their trunk as snorkels while walking on riverbeds. With this, 32 Malayan tapirs have been born in the Bight Safari so far. Bintang is the 32nd calf while the first male to be born in the safari in a decade. 'Bintang' was after a popular vote among its keepers. The word means star in Malay.

The Night Safari had also welcomed a baby girl in July. They named her 'Sutera' which means silk in Malay. Poaching, accidents and habitat loss are the main problems which have reduced their population. Being endangered there are currently less than 2,500 of them in the wild.

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