From Rohit Sharma’s Emotional Clip Post CWC Semi-final Defeat to Daniel Sturridge’s Plea to the Kidnappers of His Dog, Watch 7 Viral Videos of the Week
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

This week saw a lot of viral moments. Starting from ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, to the Bluebell ice cream licker copy cats, netizens saw everything at a stretch. It is great to see, how social media is evolving and people understanding its power. India’s defeat in the CWC 2019 Semi-Finale, shook the cricket fans, but it did not take their spirits away, as they continue to applaud the men in blue for their mind-blowing performance during the event. Again, when former Liverpool striker, Daniel Sturridge’s Los Angeles house was robbed and his little dog was kidnapped, followers in social media began to share his plea, making sure it reaches everyone including the thief. And it did work! He was finally reunited with his pooch, the following evening after his clip went viral. Besides, the Blue Bell ice cream licker was caught by the Police and so is another copycat. Let us go down the memory lane and check out the top seven viral videos that captivated the netizens throughout the week.

1. Daniel Sturridge’s Plea for His Missing Pooch


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Somebody stole my dog. I’ll pay anything. I want him back.

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Daniel Sturridge was taken aback after he returned late on a Monday night to his robbed apartment. What made him even more furious, was when his favourite pet, Lucky Lucci was nowhere to be seen in the house. He immediately took to Instagram and pleaded his millions of fans and the thief to return his dog. The former Liverpool striker even promised a wealthy reward for the person who finds his pooch. The following evening, Sturridge was reunited with his pet. And the internet could not be much happier.

2. Rohit Sharma’s Emotional Clip Post CWC Semi-Final Defeat

When India was defeated by New Zealand on the CWC Semi-Final 2019, cricket fans across India were shattered. But they came out in support of the men in blue for being such great players during the six-week event. Clips of MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma, teary-eyed following India’s shocking exit, melt fan’s heart even more. Dhoni’s dismissal left Rohit in tears. Fans stood behind their favourite players, asking them to keep their chin up.

3. Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker Inspires Copy Cats

Not one, the Blue Bell ice cream licker inspired a number of copy cats to perform the disgusting act. Tampering the sweet dessert and keeping it back in the store’s freezer was dubbed as “Ice Cream Licking Challenge.” Thankfully, with the power of social media, the original ice cream licker was arrested. Besides, another man was arrested after a Louisiana woman shared a video of him, tampering a tub of ice cream.

4. Grandma Wears Grandson’s Sex Toy Mistakenly

It is funny, but it happened in real. This grandmother from Japan mistook her grandson’s sex toys as thermal socks and they got stuck in her feet. In a series of tweets and viral video, the grandson, described this hilarious incident and Twitter could not stop laughing.

5. Giant Manta Ray Begs Diver to Save Her Eye

This was a disheartening moment that appeared on social media recently. A group of divers captured the footage underwater of a giant manta ray, begging them to help her and remove the fish hooks under its eye. The fish repeatedly came to him, seeking help and trying to show the hooks. Diver Jake Wilton helped her out after it stayed calm.

6. Short Man Ranting on Women at Bagel Shop

This video of a man ranting on women at Bagel shop in New York, disgusted the netizens. When one of the women, who was also shooting the entire incident, asked him about his rage, the man began to yell, “Why is it OK for women to say, ‘Oh you are 5 feet’ on dating sites, ‘you should be dead’. That’s OK?” Thankfully or not, but before he could create any ruckus, another tall man, tackled him to the ground and the video has since gone viral.

7. Indonesian Locals Ride Leatherback Turtle

This week, another distressing video came up. A group of Indonesians riding on the back of a sea turtle has dishearteningly raged the netizens. Locals can be seen sitting on a giant turtle, expecting it to take him on a ride. The video shows the villagers posing them for pictures and what not, as the visibly distressed turtle tries hard to move.

These were the top seven videos that ruled the internet this week. Let us see what the coming days have to offer. We only hope less distressing and many fun moments to unfold in the next week.