If you scroll through Instagram and Twitter very often you may have across, mesmerising and satisfying cake videos. Usually, fondant cakes these look so realistic than even the best of us can get confused. Real random objects or a cake this is what Twitter cannot stop digging today and results? We have the best of funny memes and jokes. Yes, the realistic cakes have messed with netizens' head so much that now people are wondering if they are themselves made up of cake or what! Honestly, once you start watching these videos, there is no going back. You will see everything with doubtful eyes. LOL.

Cake making videos are truly satisfying. You see the batter spread, the cake is baked in the over and then icing. But who knew cake cutting videos could be so drool-worthy as well? These cakes that are made in the shape of different random objects with an uncanny resemblance are going viral on social media. It started when BuzzFeed Tasty shared about a four-minute compilation of @redrosecake_tubageckil‘s realistic cakes and the now-viral video, featuring the edible version of Crocs, pot plants, soap and toilet paper has been watched over 28 million views in four days. Check out the video:

However, still, the best thing about the video has to be the funny memes and jokes. Check out the best ones:





This Legit Takes Away the Cake!

Just Can't!

Aren't these hilarious? But kudos to the artists. The sheer perfection that these cakes are, it is the result of some real hard work from some of the most talented people on earth who can fool any pair of eyes!

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