A lot of people have switched to using online wallets for all their transactions. Gpay is currently having a Go India game as a way to lure users into winning cashback and interesting offers. So even if you are not playing, you may have seen people asking for certain city tickets over Twitter or Facebook to one another. The idea of this game is to collect all 30 city tickets, like a virtual travel game and if you have all the tickets, you can win a great cashback. But as some have got the same city tickets and are struggling with "Better Luck Next Time" scratch cards, the #GoIndia game has also inspired a set of funny memes and jokes online. As some look forward to collect their remaining city tickets, others are sharing hilarious jokes on them. WhatsApp Pay Rollout in India Sparks Funny Memes & Jokes on Twitter, Here’s How You Can Send and Receive Money Through the Facebook-Owned App.

The Go India game gives a Gpay user certain city tickets after every transaction. Users have to collect 30 virtual city tickets and then they would win assured prizes. They can cover these cities on maps and also exchange the tickets with their friends in case they have more than one of the same city. The game was introduced at the early start of the month and netizens are still playing to gather all their tickets before the month ends. This whole city exchange and virtual travelling has resulted in a lot of funny memes and jokes online.

Check Funny Memes on Gpay Go India Game:

Waiting For The Tickets


Y U Do This Gpay?



Sharing Tickets For Free!

When They Get Rare Tickets and You Don't

Gpay has been a target of memes and jokes even a few months ago. There was a certain rumour about the app being banned by RBI which resulted in people poking fun at it. At the moment, if you too are enjoying the Go India game then you can relate to these jokes. Share these memes with those who have exchanged tickets with you.

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