Do you want to giggle like a Giganotosaurus? Well, here is a super fun picture that is tickling the funny bones of netizens, while also confusing some of them, with a very old debate. Dinosaurs have been extinct for tens of millions of years now. But that does not mean we cannot bring them back in the present times! The reptiles are a perfect subject for the internet’s preferred form of humour, satire and sarcasm, majorly memes! So, when a Twitter user shared a pic of dinosaurs, it was bound to go viral. The pic holds the age-old debate, if dinosaurs wore a tie, how would it carry the look? Will the tie go on top or bottom of its long neck? Twitter users are puzzled over the “serious debate,” after the bizarre picture has gone viral. While some had hilarious reactions to give, others got their fact straight; as for the rest, they resorted to more puzzling questions!

Twitter user @vissersixxx shared a pic that contains two dinosaurs, seemingly wearing a necktie. But the “serious debate,” is if they wore a tie, will it go on top of their neck, or at the bottom—with two options representing the look! The viral tweet is an instant hit on social media. At the time of writing this, the tweet received more than 75k likes, over 10k retweets and thousands of comments—the counts are only increasing.

Here's the Viral Tweet:

While some chose option two, keeping their facts straight, others went for option one. Again, a few Twitter user tried to find the ‘correct’ answer by referring to the famous 90s sitcom, Dinosaurs. But the rest had more puzzling situations!

Check Reactions:

They Say Option 'A'

Ties Go At the Bottom of Neck?

More Explanations!

If This Would Help!

90s Sitcom 'Dinosaurs' Giving a Hint

Others Had More Puzzle Questions

Which option would you pick? Whatever your answer is, know that it is hypothetical, and hence, there cannot really be a correct answer! Unless there is any expert opinion, you can pick, whichever option you feel is rational.

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