The world witnessed the launch of latest iPhone 12 series virtually. Apple released four new iPhones—iPhone 12 Minis, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Of the four new releases, only iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will reportedly be available in India, for now. The price of iPhone 12 starts at Rs 69,000 for the base variant and Apple iPhone 12 Pro costs Rs 1,19,900 for the base variant. To add more to the woes, well iPhone 12 Pro is more expensive in India than in any other country, for instance, it starts at USD 999 in the USA (Rs 73,639 approx.). One lakh and nineteen thousand! Some people are about to drop this much amount on a smartphone. My middle-class Indian sensibility says (screams) it’s too much. There are so many other things which you would do, instead of spending more than a lakh rupees on a phone! In iPhone 12 Pro Price in India, you can easily buy about 5000+ plates of Pani Puri, a lavish foreign trip and much more, instead of spending the amount on the new phone.

5995 Plates of Pani Puri

Yes, that is the amount of pani puri you can have with the money, if we take Rs 20 as the average price per plate. Even if you eat the most expensive Pani Puri, which is Rs 750, you can still enjoy 160 plates of it. iPhone 12 Pro is so expensive that even the most expensive pani puri looks cheaper now. Don’t you think so?

Fixed Deposit

If you have Rs 1,19,900 with you, one of the most sensible ways would be to save it for the future. Visit your bank and make it a fixed deposit. The pandemic has surely taught us the importance of savings, considering the financial hardships that we are all facing. Saving this amount can be beneficial for you in the future. So, think again!

Backpacking Across Thailand

We are in a pandemic, which means backpacking will need a lot of planning and safety measures to follow. While that is in place, instead of buying an iPhone, you can actually go for backpacking across Thailand, and your money will still be saved. The overall trip cost for about four days including flight charges and stay, goes near to Rs 1 lakh, which means you are even saving Rs 19,000.

House Rent

With the average house rent of Rs 30,000 a month, in a place like Mumbai, the value of an iPhone 12 Pro is near to, well, four months of house rents, at least. If we flip that around, it means that if you go for the iPhone, you will have to find the same amount of cash to keep a roof over your head.

99 Bottles of Old Monk or 34 Bottles of J’Noon Sparkling Wine

Old Monk Legend, which is aged slightly longer is priced Rs 1200 a bottle in Maharashtra. With the price of the iPhone 12 Pro, you can buy 99 bottles of Old Monk. For wine lovers, we have something for you too. You can buy 34 bottles of J’Noon’s sparkling wine which is priced at Rs 3,500 each. This purchase will give you way more happiness than an iPhone 12 Pro and will last longer for sure. The choice is yours!

Do you still think spending Rs 1,19,000 on a phone will be wiser than any of the above things, some of which are necessities? Aside from satisfying your urge to own the latest flagship, which might be a little faster, have a slightly improved camera and maybe some more added fluff, you can really do way too much with the amount. So, think again!

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