Indian Spiderman Kothi Rama From Karnataka Rescued from Jog Falls, Watch Video of his Climbing Skills
Kothi Rama is an effortless climber (Photo credits: YouTube still)

Jyothiraj, a talented climber from Karnataka is rightly called the Spiderman of India. His splendid tricks to climb rocks with bare hands have given him the name Kothi Rama. Kothi means monkey in Kannada. The climber had gone missing in the Jog Falls in Karnataka. The people in the region were panicking to know where was their Superman. The police were summoned to find for him. The search was ongoing in full force for a day when he was spotted perching on a cliff in a dangerous position. Kothi Rama was 400 feet above the bed of Jog Falls.

Kothi Rama became famous when he successfully rescued hundreds of tourists who had fallen from the cliffs. He also helped to find out the bodies of people who did not survive the fall. Also he is the only man to have climbed the 830 feet Jog falls in the opposite direction of the flow. So, there is no doubting his capabilities. Kothi Rama was asked by the police to look for another youth who had gone missing but he himself went missing in an hour. The missing youth was a case of suicide and Kothi Rama went to take up the body. A search mission was started for him and some local adventurers even climbed down the rocks. Police used drones and binoculars to spot the adventurer.

Watch the video of Indian Superman Kothi Rama’s Effortless climbing skills:

Kothi Rama was spotted on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. He had had a fall and was clinging to a rock throughout the night! He had managed to climb on a 500 feet slope without any help. He was then helped and pulled up and taken to the Shimoga Hospital. The climber has been a risk-taker for a few years. Despite doctors advice to him to take a break, he went ahead with his antics. But thankfully, has been saved. Jyothiraj is the pride of the state and even the nation. When he went missing, people even offered prayers in temples. Their blessings have proved beneficial to him at all times. He is indeed India's Spiderman!