K-Pop Star Goo Hara Found Dead, Twitterati Mourns Death of South Korean Singer and Her Late Best Friend Sulli (Check Tweets)
K-Pop stars Hara and Sulli (Photo Credits: Twitter)

K-Pop fans received another shock after popular South Korean singer and actress Goo Hara was found dead in her Seoul home. She was 28 years old and there are speculations that she might have committed suicide out of depression. A member of the five-part girl band Kara, she was a part of several films and TV roles. Fans of the singer-cum-actress have been devastated with the news and paid tribute to her on social media. #GooHara became a popular trend on Twitter since last night and people extended their condolences and good blessings for her soul. Last month, another K-Pop singer Sulli was also found dead in her home.

Goo  — real name Goo Ha-ra debuted in the year 2008 as a member of the girl group and gained quite a fan following in other Asian countries over the years. Her last post on Instagram said, "Goodbye," but she deleted it later on after fans got worried. She had also apologised later on for causing such commotion, as per reports. In May, she was hospitalized after an attempted suicide. Even now the police are suspecting suicide as a cause of her death. Fans have paid tributes to the late singer on Twitter.

Check Fans' Tweets on Goo Hara's Demise:

Urge for Kindness

Sending Condolences

Not a Good Year for K-Pop

Rest in Peace

Remembering Sulli and Hara

Before her death, Hara had appeared in a TV show and spoke out against online backlash she received over her lifestyle. Sulli and Hara were said to be best friends and the former too committed suicide last month. Fans and followers of K-Pop are devastated to lose two beautiful talents from the community.